Things To Do Become A Virtual Assistant

Many people wonder what I do and how I came to work ‘like this.’

Why am I online most of the time? Why am I updated with the latest social media trends and applications? Why am I watchful of the Peso-Dollar exchange rate? … More Things To Do Become A Virtual Assistant

Biscocho Chronicles II: Some Handful Thoughts

(First published as a Facebook Note on Sep. 21, 2010) “Rainbows ever gently curled;  For the hand that rocks the cradle Is the hand that rules the world.” I could have sent it with the rest of the laundry to the shop. Yet, thinking about how strong and disproportioned the laundry’s bleach and detergent sometimes … More Biscocho Chronicles II: Some Handful Thoughts

Wearing Love

When I had the chance of having another baby, I have sworn to myself that I will be as close to this baby as I possibly can. Five years back, I came home from work one day and B was a little more than a year old. I asked him who his mommy was, expecting … More Wearing Love

Making Turtle Soaps

Motor skills development is important to cope with the child’s daily activities such as play and learning. Although children of any gender learn how to jump, learn or walk at about the same time, boys differ from girls when it comes to force and power. They jump farther and throw more forcefully. Yes, rougher and tougher … More Making Turtle Soaps